D’Queen: Unique, just like you!

What makes a pro athlete start making handbags & accessories?

How it all began

Our mission

Each of our products represents our inspiring journey and our aim to bring the best possible product at a reasonable cost. Every D’Queen product is exclusively made by hand using top quality materials and our own technology.

Each bag is created thoughtfully to reflect our love of craftsmanship, artistry and personal influences.

No two alike

D’Queen strives to design and craft fine leather goods for the most discerning customers. By using materials of the highest quality, solid hardware and our own time-tested techniques and procedures, we are able to provide our customers with a truly inspiring product of outstanding quality and absolutely unique design.

Our commitment

We state with pride that every piece of our signature collection is custom designed and hand-made in Europe. All of the products that bear the D’Queen brand name are designed by Dimitar Paisiev and made in our studio in Sofia, Bulgaria. Every product is created with exceptional attention to detail in our workshop.